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Anyone who knows me knows how much I love summer.  Said love affair started early on as a child.  With not many friends my own age in my neighborhood, I would often swim in our backyard pool all by myself, all day long, eating lunch over the side of the pool so I didn't have to get out.  

Now as an adult, I have tried to force instill the same love of all things summer in my children.  With my boys, both love to splash in the water, but it wasn't until this year that they really learned to appreciate how amazing summer is!

The little lady, on the other hand, is just like her Momma and LOVES summer and everything about it!  Because of this, I knew I would need to make her an adorable bathing suit, at some point.  I didn't really expect to do it this summer, but when I saw the line drawings for the new E-Beth Designs bikini, I knew it was time.

Please take a moment to say hello to the Beachy Keen!

The Beachy Keen is my first "made by me" bathing suit!  The thought of making this was daunting, but I had confidence I could do it.  Thankfully, Elizabeth's patterns are AMAZING and so well written that even a beginner, like me, can sew this up!

This pattern has a ton of options!

I am a self-proclaimed E-Beth groupie, and I like to say I've been with her since the beginning!  I've been extremely lucky to have tested all of Elizabeth's patterns!  Each one is easy to understand, well written, and goes together beautifully!  This pattern is no exception.

I chose the fringe tankini and skirted short options
since I love all things extra girly after having 2 boys!  The halter back is a perfect back and the construction of this pattern is great!  The top really stays put!!  I will say that the fringe is the hardest option to choose, so if it's your first time, you might want to try the flouce first!

The little lady was not really into taking photos this day, especially since she fell in the parking lot and skinned her knee :(  Her favorite thing to do was stop and gaze at her knee, as you can see in the above photo.  Didn't really make for great pics, but who can resist that HUGE buddha belly?!?!?!

It's a miracle!  She's in almost in the water!  haha  The fit on this pattern is fantastic!  Spot on, as I like to say! Little lady has an 18in chest and the 6month suit fit perfectly!  Since testing, the shorts have been extended a tad to make sure those diapered bootays
are covered!

For my first time sewing with swimsuit material, I was pleasantly surprised!  It actually wasn't that bad!  I used lots of pins and my twin needle was a lifesaver and made hemming a breeze!

I did make a few mistakes on this suit but they were all user error.  As I was sewing, thinking how well things were going, I realized, way too late, that I used the waistband as the halter strap.  OPPS!  My bad!  I improvised and shortened the strap to the correct measurements.  That's what I get for sewing with a migraine!

Off in the distance were this little lady's brothers.  They were sliding down a GINORMOUS metal slide.  You know the ones.  Only beaches have them.  They are super tall and super hot.  She really wanted to go on the slide.  I promised her if she took nice photos for Momma she could have a try.

That last photo....gets me every time!  The expression on her face is priceless!  Back to the bathing suit though.  Not once did it shift!  Not when she walked up the huge ladder to the huge slide, positioned herself to go down said slide, or when she flung herself down and tried to hold on for dear life.  The suit stayed put!  

AHH!!  That belly!!!!  Love it!  I will be making more of these!  My next one will be a tankini with the flounce!  I think you should make one too!  What version will you try?  Pick up your copy here!  And don't forget to follow Elizabeth on facebook!

As always, thanks for stopping by!  Happy sewing!


I'm smitten with Seamingly Smitten Patterns!!

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Ok, so if you are one of my blog followers, you know how much I am in love with Seamingly Smitten Sewing Patterns.  If you are new, well you will quickly learn that these patterns rock!  I have been testing for Jenny for about 9 months now, and I have to say that I have loved EVERYTHING I have sewn from her!  Her patterns are easy to understand, sew up super quick, and are among some of the best staple pieces in my wardrobe!

I love that I can take one of Jenny's patterns and follow it to the "T", and the result is great!  But, I can also put my own spin on it, tweak it ever so slightly, and come up with something just as great, because her patterns have great "bones" if you will!

I have sewn way too many of these patterns to count, so I had a hard time picking which pattern to show off.  I decided to go with the ever popular maxi dress, and chose theMagazine Street Maxi Dress.  This pattern is great for all sizes and shapes, which is why I love it so much!  

During testing, I made this awesome version with a jersey top and crepe bottom!  I love the mix of casual fabrics with dressier ones.  This is one of my favorite color combinations!  Anything paired with coral is perfect for summertime!

I knew I wanted to mix it up a bit, so I decided on shortening the skirt to just below the knee.  Ok, I confess.  My real reason for shortening the skirt is I only had enough fabric for a shorter skirt and my husband probably would have locked me up in my room without my sewing machine if I went and bought more fabric!  Either way, I couldn't be happier with the results.  In fact, when I put it on, my husband told me it looks 100% off the rack, which I'm sure all you seamstresses out there agree, that is the BEST compliment to receive!!

Meet the Magazine Street Dress!  She still boasts the adorable cap sleeves in the original version, but has a flirty shorter skirt and is perfect for those hot summer days!  And I know this dress will be a great transition piece into the fall.  Pair it with boots and a cardigan, maybe even a cute scarf.  The possibilities are endless!

I LOVE, the shorter version really just as much as the maxi!  Most summer days you can find me in a maxi skirt or dress, but sometimes you need to show off those legs!  Don't you agree?!?!

I adore the scoop neck and back in this pattern!  The bodice is always a perfect fit and so flattering!  I love that Jenny included options for both tank and cap sleeve.  I think we should talk her into designing a 3/4 sleeve for this too!! :)  How cute would that be?!?!

Besides changing the length of the skirt, the only change I made was to forgo enclosing the elastic where the bodice and skirt meet.  I chose to sew the elastic right onto my seam allowance!  

The Magazine Street Maxi pattern is a very quick sew.  You can make this is a few hours, and the end result is fabulous, regardless of if you follow the instructions word for word, or you like to throw caution to the wind and mix things up a bit!

Jenny is graciously giving all of you readers an AMAZING chance at owning her fabulous pattern!  Enter below for you chance to win one of 3 prize packs of 5 Seamingly Smitten patterns of your choice!
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Thanks so much to Jenny from Seamingly Smitten for letting me be a part of this great blog tour!  And don't forget to pay a visit to all the other amazing contributors!