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I'm back and better than ever!  4 months is a long time to be gone.  Saying I've missed blogging would be an understatement!  I've taken a bit of a hiatus, dealing with family and end of the school year obligations, but school's out and summer in in full swing!

And you know what that means???  More time for sewing!!!!  With all the kiddos being home I have a little more wiggle room on when I can sew.  I don't have to worry about rushing to the bus stop or driving to an after school activity!  Now all we worry about is how long it's been since the last sunscreen application and making sure we stay hydrated during our hours and hours of fun outside!

When Amy from brownie-goose asks you to test a new pattern you do NOT say no!  You thank her profusely because you know the waiting line to test for her is never ending!

I about fell out of my chair when I saw this design!  The simplicity of it combined some of my favorite things!  

Amy really knows how to do a good keyhole!  The tie front is darling, but you could even do a button loop! I adore the vintage yet modern flair!  Seriously, it is becoming one of my most favorite patterns!

The button tabs at the back are one of my favorite elements, a perfect detail to showcase some beautiful buttons!  And you can make them functioning or non-functioning.  I choose to make them non-functioning since my little lady is just that, little! lol  And being tiny means her head is tiny, so no need for extra melon room ;)

As always, the instructions for this pattern make you feel like you are sewing with your best girlfriend!  I love to "chit chat" while I sew, so brownie-goose patterns are perfect for me!  And I may be a little bias since they were the first ever pattern I used!!(Thanks to my SIL, Kari for introducing me to them!!)

The size range on this one is wonderful, 6months-12years!!  That is a HUGE size range!  And I know how much those pre-teens need good patterns!  And I will tell you, the testers with older girls did an amazing job and their girls adored this dress/top just as much as the little ones!

Oh, did you catch that?  Yes, I said dress/top!  Because both lengths are included!  Gotta love having options!

So here's the sad news people......this pattern doesn't release until Friday! :(  I know, I know..... grab a tissue and dry those eyes!  I promise it is worth the wait!  ****EDIT!!!!!  It's LIVE!!!  Get it now!!!!!!!!  Allie Oop****

Until next time....Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!