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I sweat glitter.  Well, not really, but that would be kind of cool, wouldn't it???

If you are here, you are in one of three groups:

  • You are either family or a friend and came over here to show your support!! 
  • You are a fellow sewing enthusiest and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
  • You acidentally found this blog and are wondering what the heck you are doing here.
Regardless of your reason for stumbling across my blog, I'm glad you're here!  This blog will follow all of my crazy sewing and crafting adventures, and hopefully keep you entertained and coming back to see more!

So, how about a little background on me.   I am  a SAHM to one little lady and 2 handsome gents.  I started sewing almost 1 year ago.  Ok, let's back up a bit.  5 years ago my husband bought me a sewing machine and I was determined to teach myself how to use it.  How hard could it be, right??  Well, let's just say after hours of trying to sew a bib I was in tears and made a phone call to my seamstress mother.  I asked her, "Mom, how do I sew a straight line?????"  She answered, (insert laughing here....) "What do you mean how do you sew a straight line?"  I'm pretty sure the waterworks started and I quickly hung up the phone, packed up the machine, and vowed to never look at it again. 

Fast forward to last April.  My daughter's first birthday was fast approaching and an epic birthday dress was mandatory.  My Mom had this crazy idea that me, the one who cried because I couldn't figure out how to sew a straight line, should make her dress.  Are you kidding me?!?!  ME?!?!?  I decided to give it a go since she said she would help guide me.  The machine sat out staring at me for a while.  I'm pretty sure it was laughing and taunting me.  I threw caution to the wind and decided I would just dive in head first.  That first night I sewed a paper bag skirt.  It was HUGE!  I mean, super long, but once I hemmed it a tad more it was actually pretty cute!!
Cute, Right?!?!?

The next night I got pretty cocky and thought, well, I made that skirt, I'm going to make this dress.  I chose the Nelle dress by brownie-goose.  It seemed easy enough and Amy's instructions made me feel like I was chatting with my best gal pal!  Best decision I EVER made!!  I whipped that dress up in 3 hours and successfully finished my 2nd article of clothing!  Yes, you heard that right! The woman who couldn't sew a straight line just made not one, but TWO pieces of clothing that I wasn't embarassed to put my child in!

She STILL wears this dress weekly!!!

I didn't look back after those first two pieces, and kept on sewing every night, gaining courage, learning so much about sewing, and having tons of fun meeting new friends in the online sewing community!

The time was coming that the much anticipated birthday dress needed to be conquered.  I found the PERFECT dress pattern and went to work.  The big bow dress was exactly what I had been looking for!  My mom and I went fabric shopping and she chose a darling yellow and white polka dot.  After some lunch, and getting Cora to sleep, we attempted to sew up that perfect dress.  There were a few bumps along the way, a few trips into the sleeping princess's room to retreive a forgotten iron, but the end result was more than I could have asked for!

Cutest dress EVER!

I like big bows and I can not lie....
I continued to sew after the party was over and friends and family kept asking when I was opening a shop.  I was a little caught off guard, especially since sewing for a few months does not make you a seamstress, along with the fact that I had no idea what opening up a shop really entailed!  After some thought and soul searching, I decided to slowly start doing some custom orders here and there.  Enter, lady and the gents!

I never looked back after that first night of sewing, and I am so glad I took the leap to start sewing for friends and family!  I am really blessed to now get to test patterns for some of, what I consider to be, the best designers out there!  It is awesome to get to be part of the pattern process, helping work out kinks, pattern issues, and help make these patterns the best they can be!  I'm grateful for the designers who have taken a chance on me, even though I don't have a quarter of the talent and the experience some of these other ladies have.  I will be forever in their debt!

So, now you know a little bit about me.  I'm just a wife and mother, doing the best I can, making stuff that makes me happy!  I hope you keep coming back to see what else I have up my sleeves.  So pull up a chair, grap a big mug of coffee and maybe a snack(or 2), and relax.  I'm glad to have you along for the ride!

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  1. Yeah Emily!! Congrats of this Amazing new Adventure.

  2. The blog looks great! I can't believe you've only been sewing for a year! The things I have seen you make on FB are amazing! Have fun with the blog!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the big bow. We are the bigger the bow the better kind of house. :)

    1. Thanks!!! Same here! After 2 boys, I can't seem to get enough of bow! The bigger the better!!