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She's done it again.  Lauren Dahl of selvage designs has come to our summer wardrobe rescue with the amazing FOXGLOVE (affiliate link).  

This carefree modern tank features:
  • high/low hem
  • slight v-scoop neckline
  • racerback
  • woven or knit fabrics
  • optional seaming down front/back/sides
  • color blocking instructions
  • sizes 00-20
  • fantastic illustrations and wonderfully detailed instructions

It's no surprise that I love everything Lauren does.  She designs modern pieces that look good on all women!  Once you see her designs, you have to have them all, at least that's how I feel!!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, she's a genius!!

The longest part of this pattern is figuring out fabric and cutting!  Sewing this is a breeze!  I adore the bias finishing around the neck and arm holes.  It gives it such a polished look!  And THANK YOU THANK YOU for showing everyone how to attach bias correctly and so it only shows on the inside!!

Didn't know that was coming, did ya?!?!?  HeHeHe  I went for bonus points on this one and did an ivory dot mesh for the upper portion of the back.  Ok, don't mind my tank and bra strap fiasco going on here.  Since then I now have the perfect ivory and blush camis to pair with this!  I really love the color blocking!  And a lace back??  Yes please!!!  

My first instinct was to do the entire back in lace.  I think I will do that on my next one!  I bought a few different kinds to play around with but settled on this gorgeous dot mesh.  I thought it paired really well with the blush jersey knit.  And can we talk about the racerback????  How cute is that?!?!  I love racerbacks, and they are definitely IN this summer! 

 Ok, so I need to share my little oppsie on this one.  I got SOOO excited when sewing that I did not pay attention to the bottom portion of my back piece.  See how the top of the bottom piece curves???  Ummm, yeah, that should totally be at the bottom.  Llike I said, oppsie!!  But you know what?  I meant to do that!  It still looks great!  I've worn this top like 12 times already.  It's quickly becoming my go to top!

And the neckline is gorg too!!  The subtle v-scoop neckline is really flattering, especially on me!  As you can see, I was so graciously given more than enough up top, and high necklines just aren't my kind of thing.  This neckline is modest but very modern. 

Because I love you all so much, I'm going to share my selfies of foxglove #2 with you.  You ready for this???

I really must love you all if I just shared that little gem!  This is an ivory crinkle chiffon I scored for $2yd at my local fabric store. I was beyond excited when I saw it and knew it was destined to be my next foxglove!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out.  Oh, and see those seams?!?!  How fun is that?!?!  I love the seaming down the front and back.  It might be my favotire part!

And yes, I sewed it corectly this time.  This is a lengthened version.  Being the busty gal I am(yeah, I totally said busty) I often need to adjust patterns to give myself a little more length, as the girls take up lots of space!  And guess what??  Lauren has the lengthening lines right on the pattern for you!  You can't go wrong!  

 I've worn it more than the knit, to be honest.  I love a versatile pattern that I can use different kinds of fabrics and has options that add visual interest.  I will be making many more of these this summer.  Next up will be a foxglove dress.  What do you think???  How cute would that be?!?!  An adorable high/low racerback dress????  Yes please!!!

If you NEED this pattern(and you definitely do!!) you can head on over to Indiesew to pick up your copy, or buy it over at Lauren's shop(affiliate link) starting June 30th.  Need some inspiration?  Take a look at the tester roundup.  These ladies did a fabulous job!  

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  1. oh wow!!! i wanted this pattern when i first saw it....but your lace back just made me know that i HAVE to have it!!! thanks for the review :)

  2. So gorgeous!! I will add this to the roundup now. :) xoxo