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When I was asked to review a pattern for the new BundleUP boys edition I was ecstatic!  I don't get a lot of opportunities to sew for my two boys, and with back to school fast approaching, this was perfect timing to sew them up some one of a kind outfits for school!!

I was super lucky to test two of these patterns, and with both being pants, I knew I needed some tops to pair them with.  After taking a look at the patterns, I decided on the Butler Britches by Brownie Goose and the Shawl Collar Pullover by Greenstyle.

Let's start with the shawl collar pullover by Greenstyle.  I have sewn many many patterns by this fabulous designer, and this my friends, is now my favorite!  The pattern has an awesome size range of 2T-16!  The instructions are extremely easy to follow and also include color photos to help you in case there are any trouble spots.  And don't be scared if you have never sewn with knits.  This pattern is a great starting point since you can use heavier weight fabrics!  And no serger necessary!  Mine was sewn on my super beginner Brother machine!

The details on this pattern are awesome!  I personally LOVE the shoulder tabs!  I think it gives this classic but modern pattern a cool vibe!  I chose to use a navy sweatshirt fleece paired with a grey heathered fleece.  My gent say this top is ubber comfy and will be great for fall!

The shawl collar rocks!  Because the fleece is a little heavier, it really makes the collar stay up in the back, which will be great for those cool mornings at the bus stop.  I'd love to make this in something not so heavy!  This would be a great top, as well as pullover sweater!

The shawl collar is also the perfect spot for your sunglasses!  I loved all the other options too!  I decided on cuffs and a hem band.  My gent is pretty slim, so this is the size 3, with a 5 length.  He will be 6 at the end of September, but is definitely on the small side.  I felt the band and cuffs would give him the room for growth he may need if a growth spurt decides to show up this year!  I love how easy it is to customize Greenstyle's patterns to fit every child!

I really enjoyed sewing up this pattern.  It was quick, only took a few hours, and I can't wait to make some different variations!  

Time to talk about the pants!  The butler britches by Brownie Goose are a favorite of both of my gents!  They adore these pants!  Amy has a way of writing that makes you feel like she's sitting right next to you.  It's probably my most favorite part of her patterns, because not only does she have a great way of explaining how to sew her patterns, but she's hilarious, and I often catch myself cracking up while reading!

I was extremely lucky to test these pants, so both boys got a pair!  The options on this pattern are fabulous.  You get instructions for flat front or full elastic waist and two different pocket options!  And along with the wonderful instructions, you also get color photos that will help in case you get stuck anywhere.  

I did both pockets during testing, because well, why not! haha  I let them pick which they wanted and thankfully they picked the opposite of each other!

I am just in love with these pockets!  I love that you can change the look so much by just the fabrics and buttons you use!

The cuff is the best, am I right?!?!?!  I would totally love these pants without the cuff, but it really makes these pants special!  I love the asymmetrical look and the button tab!  So cute and funky!

I went all out for this pattern!  I let the boys pick their fabrics and buttons, and all of the details, and I have to say I am pretty impressed!  They did a great job pairing fabrics!  I may ask them to help me out more often!

You really can't go wrong with either of these patterns!  Both are winners and I will definitely be sewing both again!  Don't forget to pick up your copies of the patterns HERE!  And come back tomorrow for a look at two more patterns I was lucky enough to sew up!  Now here's a bunch more photos because my boys are too handsome not to put more up, haha!

And while you're at it, come take a look at other the other amazing bloggers that are part of the BundleUP Boys Blog Tour!

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  1. OMG _ this whole post is just awesome!!!! Love both pairs of pants, and that top is just swoon worthy - his posing - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH kills me - you are amazing as always ;o)

  2. I love this.... those boys, those pants, that pullover, ALL the pictures. Beautiful work. :)

  3. I love what you did with the pullover. The pants are so cool and I wish I could get Mr. Cool to wear them, but not his style :(

    1. Thank you so much! I fear that once my kids get older too. Right now I am lucky that if I let them pick fabric or a color, they pretty much are ok with it.