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When Suzanne asked me to be a part of this blog tour, I was so excited!!  I LOVE testing for her, and had to unfortunately this one out, so I was really excited to finally be able to sew these up!  

Well, I seriously thought I was doomed this week.  My entire family sick, kiddos out of school, disaster of a house, and then like anything else bad could happen, my fabric was late.  I honestly thought this post wasn't going to happen. I was not happy, to say the least!!!  But, thankfully, the Aviator pants are such a fantastic sew, I was able to sew these up in no time at all, once I had my fabric that is.  It made up for all that bad stuff!

Who doesn't love a good pair of comy pants?!?!?  I am normally a jean kinda girl, but these pants are really awesome!  

Ok, here's some details about this great pattern:

  • sizes xxs-xxxl
  • no zipper or buttons
  • yoga style waistband
  • pants or capri lengths included
  • size chart and finished measurement charts included
  • easy to follow instructions
  • color photos
  • numerous pocket styles included
  • cuffed or non cuffed options
  • triangle accents

It's easy to say these pants could be made tons of ways for a variety of looks!  I decided on the cuffed bottom, no pockets, and regular yoga waistband.

The fit on these are great, but if you are in between sizes, or using a super stretchy material and want a more fitted look, size down.  I ended up going by the size chart, but after sewing took them in since my material was on the thinner side and very very stretchy!!

While on the subject of fabric, there are many types that can be used for these pants.  I choose a cotton lycra for the main fabric, and a leather scuba knit for the triangle accent.  Try to pick fabrics of similar weights if you are going to do the triangle accents.  I also used the scuba knit for the cuffs and waistband.  If you haven't sewn with scuba before, you need to.  It's pretty awesome!!!

Worried you can't leave the house in these?  Too much like sweatpants?  I really think you have nothing to worry about!  Take a second and search "women's sweatpants" on Pinterest.  You will be amazed at the styling options for comfy pants!  This type of pant is not meant to just lounge around in!  It's meant to be shown off!

I paired mine with an amazing pair of suede and leather heels and my all time favorite blazer that has leather details!  Perfect for my leather aviators!

I really love the triangle accents on the pants.  And the cuffs are great too!  How cute would these be cropped????

These pants are extremely comfortable and so versatile.  Dress up or dress down, they are a definite need in your sewing arsenal!  And if you're looking for a quick sew, these have got you covered!  The simplest version; no pockets, no cuffs, regular waistband, could easily take under an hour to sew!  Even with all the added details, these pants are quick and the instructions are very easy to follow.

Don't forget to pick up your copy of the Women's Aviators today for 15% off, using code AVIATORTOUR.  Or grab both the women and children's patterns and get 30%off!  

And while you're at it, take a few minutes to check out all the other awesome Aviators on in tour!

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  1. I love yours Emily! You are adorable!

  2. Those are so cute! I'd wear the heck out of them. Adorable pattern!

  3. Love yours! I am going to have to try some scuba knit now!

  4. I love the accent on the pants! It really ties together the whole outfit and makes the black jacket work. I just made some hudson pants, but I have yet to wear them out since they feel so much like pajama pants!