One Thimble Magazine Review {Issue 8}

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Every time the One Thimble blog tour comes around I jump at the chance to be a part of it! I have been lucky enough to participate is a few OT blog tours in the last year!  I always get excited when a new issue comes out!

If you don't know much about One Thimble, it is a digital sewing magazine that releases quarterly and contains many many pdf patterns.  This issue has 12 new patterns included, ranging from accessories to clothing to quilts!  It also includes amazing articles about perfecting your business, bettering your sewing skills, and awesome tutorials.  I once again had the opportunity to look over the entire magazine.  I spent a better portion of an afternoon perusing the magazine!  I am loving all the articles and tutorials!

My favorites are the quick and easy storage bags tutorial, which is perfect for my two boys who start school next month!  I will be winning mom of the year award for the awesome super hero bags they will be getting!

I also really enjoyed the article on creating quality pins and how to create a stylized photo shoot!  Both will be extremely helpful with my business.  I am also excited on using the tutorial on how to add a faux button placket to patterns!  

And while I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the articles and tutorials, I had to get my hand on some of the patterns to sew up!  I decided that I don't sew enough accessories and it was high time I changed that!  

The first pattern I chose was the Coco Flower Crown from Molly and Mama.  Ok, confession.  This crown is on the cover and I just about fell out of my chair when I saw it!  I knew I had to sew this up!!

This crown has 7 succulent and 5 flower patterns to chose from!  I decided to go BIG, so I made a variety of flowers and succulents for my little lady's crown!

I adore this pattern and I will be making a million more!  The instructions are wonderful and so easy to follow.  

I went out and got some new smaller scissors just for this project because some of these pattern pieces are tiny.  It worked so much better than my regular pair of scissors!  

What I loved about this pattern is you can really take the flowers and do whatever you want with them!  I chose to add them on a linen ribbon for a more vintage feel, but these could easily be placed on an alligator clip!  Add them to a stretchy headband, or even use them to decorate a beautiful wreath!  The possibilities are endless!

I can't wait to make some hair accessories for my daughter and all her little friends!  Any little princess will adore these!

The Fat Red Bird Fedora from Fat Red Bird Designs is the perfect hat for kids of all ages!  I love that this pattern ranges in size from child to adult!  Everyone in the family can rock one!

I was super lucky that my good friend, sewing sister, and fellow blogger/sewist, Erin from Crafty  Biggers,was visiting me and let me con her into photos!

The instructions were so easy to follow and included color photos along with drawings in the pattern itself.
This is the second hat I made, and this came together really well!

I love the topstiching details that the pattern includes!  I will do one more row on the brim next time for fun!  

The one mistake I did make was to not use a sturdy enough fabric from the inside.  Next time I will use a heavier weight fabric like the pattern suggests.  This was all my fault since I wanted to use something in my stash.  I still like the finished outcome and Erin looks fantastic in this hat!  I will be making these for my boys since they are begging for hats of their own now!!!

One Thimble is available NOW, so get your copy here, or visit the website to buy individual patterns!  Or enter below for your chance to win a copy of this awesome magazine!!!  

And please take a moment to check out the other amazing bloggers on this tour!!  

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  1. Oooh looks great! Yeah, Erin :) She looks fabulous! I just love the flower crown. It is gorgeous!

  2. I feel like my girls need this headband!!

  3. The flower crown is so cute!

  4. Wow! Love these and can't wait to see your super hero snack bags!

  5. The flower crown is beautiful! And I'm now inspired to make a hat for my son because he has been asking for one since he saw the magazine. I can't wait to see your super hero snack bags either!

  6. What a way to make my day. Thank you for your lovely review of my Molly and Mama Coco Flower Crown pattern Emily! Your little one looks absolutely stunning in the beautiful crown you made. Bigger is better, for sure! I'm glad you're enjoying OT8!

  7. Love that you did a grown up Fedora & totally in love with the colours...a fabulous review...thankyou so much!!'