What a difference a year can make

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A year ago it began.  I pulled the machine out, found some fabric, and gave it a whirl.  I was pretty proud of myself that I overcame my irrational fear of that silly machine.  I've already told you about the first time I took the machine out.  It was not a fun experience.  This time was different though.  It all seemed to click.  I was more patient.  More willing to take the time that was needed to learn.  I was ready to make it work this time and I wasn't giving up.  

This is a huge step for me!  I'm not normally one to take a leap, and this was a leap for me.  Not because I was just going to sew, but because this is something I had always dreamed of.  For years, my sister and I had talked about starting up a business.  We both really wanted to learn to sew and start selling items together.  This was the first step to the dream becoming a reality.  

First sewing projects from April 16, 2013
I think I never told anyone about this dream because I always feared what others would say.  Sure, I am crafty.  I can make a mean paper flower or a wall of paper fans.  Have a party that needs to be planned??  Put me in charge, I was all over it.  But building a business, not so much.  

I am the type that is good at lots of things, but never feel I'm great.  This was my chance to be great.  Yeah, sure, it is starting out just for fun, just a little sewing here and there, but that's not my goal.  My dream is to have a business, make a name for myself.

Most recent sewing projects
And exactly a year later after taking out that silly scary machine, here I sit.  I have started a blog, I have the amazing privilege to test for many pattern designers, I sell custom clothing here and there, and I am slowing making a name for myself.  And you know what??  I'm pretty proud of myself!  That's a lot in only a year!

So, why am I sharing all of this with you??  Well, it's because we all have dreams that seem maybe silly or frivalous.  But are they?  Maybe we are afraid of failing.  Or are we just afraid of what others will think about said silly dreams?  Take a chance.  What's the worst that can happen??  

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  1. Nice post! I'm in the process of starting a business leap too, it's intimidating but also exciting. -Rachel

    1. Thanks!! Yes, it's very exciting!!! Good luck to you!!! :)